Celebrating our 4th Year with a Hard Strawberry Lemonade 🍓

As the summer heat turns up, it’s time to kick back, unwind, and indulge in this quintessential summer cocktail that’s as cool as you are. The Classic Hard Strawberry Lemonade–– a refreshing concoction that perfectly blends good vibes, sweetness, and a splash of spirit to make this season one to remember! 

This drink reminds us of our scent Les Fleurs Sont Bu because it means The Flowers Are Drunk and they both smell fantastic!

Celuí Fragrance is especially excited to shake up some fancy drinks because we just turned 4! 
1 cup of fresh strawberries, ripe and ready to dazzle
1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/4 cup of simple syrup
1 cup of your favorite vodka 
2 cups of sparkling water 
Ice cubes 
1. Kickstart the summer fiesta by muddling those fresh strawberries like a pro. It’s all about channeling your inner mixologist.
2. First, roll the lemon, then squeeze that juice with zest, adding a touch of professionalism to your cocktail game.
3. Mix the strawberry purée and lemon juice with the simple syrup, creating a harmony of sweet and sour that will have you doing a happy dance.
4. Here’s where the party gets real - pour in that vodka, turning up the energy like your favorite summer jam.
5. Time for the sparkling water to make its grand entrance. Pop open that bottle and add it to your mix, turning your cocktail into a glittering beauty.
6. Finally, serve your Hard Strawberry Lemonade garnished with a strawberry slice for that extra flair. You’re now the queen of summer get togethers!
With this cocktail in hand, you’re ready to take on summer like a boss. This delightful sip is not just a drink; it’s a statement – a declaration that you’re embracing the spirit of the season, fearlessly radiating with amazing energy. Toast to Life! Cheers to our 4th year in business and summer’s coolest moments, and cheers to you, babes!