Capturing Essence: Collaborating with Photographer Sam Dameshek

In the realm of artistic collaboration, the universe often conspires to bring together like-minded souls who share a common passion. Such is the case with our emerging fragrance brand Celuí and the talented photographer,  Sam Dameshek. Our journey together has been nothing short of exhilarating, as we’ve had the privilege of witnessing his creative genius breathe life into our brand not just once in 2020 but now again in 2023.

Each photoshoot becomes an adventure, a quest to encapsulate the intangible elements that make our fragrances more than just scents—they are emotions, memories, and aspirations bottled up. Olfactory storytelling, if you will.

Just as our fragrances evoke feelings and memories, Sam’s photography possesses the rare ability to freeze moments in time while remaining classic forever. (This reminds us of our fragrance, The One. It will never go out of style).

At such a young age, he over-delivers in such a way that seems as if he deeply understands the needs of an entire brand marketing team. An image in every shape and size. Needing almost no direction at all. Maybe that's because he owns his own clothing brand and online photography school?

What truly sets Sam apart is his fearless approach to creativity. His sexy and playful experimentation with lighting, angles, and perspectives. His images aren’t just photographs; they’re portals.

We are also in awe of Cecilia Solivan for her timeless beauty and class. And Courtney Hart for her beautiful touch.

Thank you all for sharing your art with the World.