Our story begins as high school students and has extended over almost two decades. We have experienced some of life’s most cherished moments together from graduation, career wins and losses, marriage, childbirth and now entrepreneurship.


Nicole launched a successful children’s brand, Teddy Needs A Bath and starred on ABC’s Shark Tank accepting a deal with coveted shark, Mark Cuban. Veronica spent several years as a sought-after beauty authority and aesthetician in Los Angeles.

We would meet frequently for marathon lunches that almost always turned into discussions surrounding our wish to launch a business together. Both of us share a passion for travel, the outdoors, fashion, beauty and above all fragrance.

After two years of research and development and over nine formulations, carefully curated by a master perfumer in Los Angeles, we finally landed our signature scent!

We found our ride or die, “the one” or in French “Celuí“!


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