Celuí is Canadian Certified— CLEAN!

Small Batch. This is how our bottles arrive from the perfume lab.

Indeed, on the surface, the United States and Canada may appear alike, being geographical neighbors with immense cultural similarities. However, examining the two countries' approach to consumer product regulation, especially when it comes to cosmetics, shows that in some ways, the US and Canada could not be farther apart.

Endocrine disruptors are natural or man-made chemicals that may mimic or interfere with the body's hormones, known as the endocrine system.

One key difference between the FDA and Health Canada is how much more oversight responsibility is given to Canadian authorities when it comes to assessing the risk a cosmetic product may pose to consumers. In comparison, the US market places a greater responsibility on the individual manufacturer or importer for maintaining technical records that prove their product’s safety.

Many of the fragrances available on the US market today are littered with chemicals that can be extremely destructive to your endocrine system. Otherwise known as endocrine disruptors and have been proven to cause hormone imbalances and/or even tumors.

To enter the Canadian market, your product must undergo risk assessment as per Health Canada's consumer product safety program to show that said product will not cause harm under foreseeable use.

Canada's growing list of banned chemicals more closely resembles that of the EU than the US. There are hundreds of banned or restricted substances on Canada's cosmetic ingredient hotlist, while the United States has only banned about a dozen substances from inclusion in cosmetics.

Celuí Fragrance is so proud to have just been certified to sell our products in Canada! 🇨🇦 Woop Woop!! Does this mean we need another packaging update? You bet! 🤪

XO Nicole + Veronica

Credit: Qima.com , Canada.ca