Celui Fragrance

The One 50ML


Re-stocked! Comes in our “You Smell So Good” travel bag. New Look, Same Incredible Scent!

Celuí’s signature scent is an absolute show stopper! It will become your new scent to either wear alone or to mix and match with your other favorite fragrances. She is made of proprietary pheromones infused with exotic floral notes and natural essences to enhance each moment of your day. An intoxicating blend of fresh florals, flowering fruits, breezy marine notes and safe synthetics. 

Please try a sample first as we do not accept returns on this item.

Made in LA

Ingredients: Organic Alcohol, Aqua (water), Parfum (fragrance)

Pheromones: Our pheromones are synthesized in a lab using wild plants.

Pro-tip: Celuí works well as a base (layered with other perfumes) but is also dangerously great on it's own. It’s subtle but can be built up.


Also available in our deluxe travel 7.5 ml size. 

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