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Our Jet Set is the best way to get acquainted with our two new scents, Les Fleurs Sont Bu and Nuage Blanc. Get all 3 of our pheromone fragrances in 7.5ML perfect for travel (acceptable size for flying).


The One: Celuí’s signature scent is proprietary pheromones infused with exotic floral notes and natural essences to enhance each moment of your day. An intoxicating blend of fresh florals, flowering fruits and breezy marine notes. Try using this as a base with other scents or wear it alone.

Les Fleurs Sont Bu: Cedar, spicy damask roses, peonies and sunflowers collide in this unique take on a dizzy rose. Les Fleurs Sont Bu, meaning “The Flowers are Drunk,” is the epitome of fresh with hints of white sweet pea, magnolia and violet. Infused with our elegant plant based pheromones sure to make you simply irresistible.


Nuage Blanc: Neroli, ambrette, iris and vanilla combine to create a fresh take on warmth and musk. Also including our premium plant based pheromones, this scent is another classic fragrance staple— perfect for date night or anytime you want to smell extra delicious.



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