Unbiased Review from Fragrance Encyclopedia, FRAGRANTICA

"Projection and longevity appear to be massive, but I didn't know it until it became my most-complimented scent to date! Let me explain: Hours after I had applied two sprays to just my wrists and had thought it faded (I could barely smell it), friends and family were remarking that I smelled good. Even a friend of mine who is notoriously picky about fragrances because of lung issues remarked upon it favorably. I think the compliments are due more to its divergence from saccharine-sweet trendy scents that are continually cranked out by many brands than to its "pheromones," but again, you, dear reader, can decide on that." 
If you've ever been unsure about trying Celuí, give THIS ARTICLE!!! a read.
Thank you Beth Carsten and Fragrantica, we're incredibly flattered.
XO Nicole and Veronica