The 5 Top Fragrance Myths Busted, According to an Expert

Fragrance is an incredibly personal part of our daily lives that requires testing, sampling, and lots of research. Basically, it's an investment, and there's nothing worse than thinking you found your signature scent only to realize it's undetectable on your skin or, worse, clashes with it. So, we spoke to Kimberly Waters, Founder & CEO of MUSE Fragrance Consultant & Expert, to challenge the five most common fragrance myths that are impacting your scent journey. 

Myth # 1: Storing Your Perfume in the Fridge Will Make It Stronger: 

 "I do not believe storing your perfumes in the fridge will make them stronger. However, it will make them last longer because it's a temperature-controlled environment. In the refrigerator, your scent is away from the sun and in a cooled environment, meaning it's not exposed to fluctuating temperatures and lighting that can alter the chemistry or integrity of the scents," says Kimberly Waters.

Myth # 2: Scents Smell the Same on Blotters as on Skin 

Absolutely not. Blotters are derived from many particles and additives that can alter scents, especially when alcohol is involved. For an initial whiff, use a blotter, but for an ultimate and more accurate experience, don't be afraid to spray on your skin. The layers of a fragrance really come through on the skin," explains Waters. 

Myth # 3: The Best Way to Smell a Fragrance is on a Test Card 

The test strips are known as mouillette. They are thin, absorbent strips that offer you an initial impression of the scent but don't allow you to see how it wears on your skin and gives you an inauthentic experience. If you like the way it smells on the mouillette, “spray it on the skin for its true smell," says Waters. 

Myth # 4: Rubbing a Fragrance Makes It Last Longer 

Rubbing a fragrance is a big no, no. “The goal of any fragrance on the skin is to allow the essence of the scent to breathe independently and allow each layer to project itself as it dries down. When you rub it, you're essentially meshing all the ingredients together and making it difficult for each base, heart, and top note to project accordingly," shares Waters.

Myth # 5: The Stronger a Scent, the Better It Will Smell 

"Not necessarily. The stronger a fragrance is, the sillage may be more recognizable, and it may last longer on the skin versus a scent that is not as potent. However, the smell of perfume does not depend on its strength. Instead, it depends on the notes used, concentration, and overall composition. Select a scent with great projection, high concentration, and hearty notes of amber, oud, patchouli, or wood if you want to smell better.


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