Take a Note: Meet The Go-To Girlfriend™—Sadie Murray

"What was your big break?" It's the number one question people want entrepreneurs to answer. So, we're back with another edition of Take a Note, where we speak to leading professionals, industry experts, and successful women to get the truth about what it takes to have it all—your way

You can't channel surf without catching a glimpse of Sadie Murray's signature blonde hair and megawatt smile. This California native is a staple in the entertainment industry and regularly appears as an on-air expert for shows. She's been on Wendy Williams, EXTRA, E! News, The Real, NBC, KTLA Morning News, Good Day LA, CBS Los Angeles, and more.

When she isn't captivating viewers on set, you can also find her styling, writing for her blog, and helping anyone she runs into pick beauty products that enhance their natural beauty, which is why she's known as The Go-To Girlfriend™️. When Sadie is guiding you, she has a way of making you feel like you just received trusted advice from your best confidant.

Keep scrolling to get an exclusive look into the woman who's been Hollywood's darling for more than a decade. 

What's one thing you do before bed to make sure your morning is more productive? 

Murray:  No matter how tired I am, I have to make sure my living room and kitchen are clean because I love waking up in the morning and walking down the stairs to a clean, tidy and sparkling room. I do this because I've noticed I'm much more productive when I'm not stressed out about housework, and I work better when my home feels like it's in order. 

Why is perfume important to you? 

Murray: Perfume is an extension of your personality and your vibe. It's a mood enhancer, and I love to go from my usual signature scent to switching it up seasonally or based on my outfit.

Women wear many roles—when those roles are pitted against one another, how do you prioritize what wins?

Murray: Nothing is more important than my family and the ones I love—they will always be my first priority. However, I've learned to actively run the day through the years instead of allowing the day to run me. Before even getting out of bed, I pause, pray, hydrate, and I don't check my email. While I'm having my coffee, I make a list of the five things I want to get done that day and then, I send the emails that are a priority for me, as opposed to just opening my email and firing off responses. If I do that, I'm essentially just helping other people get their to-do list completed, which of course, I want to do, but just not first thing in the morning. 

What's the wisest advice you'd give to someone trying to break into your field?  

Murray: Don't take no for an answer, and remember the answer will always be "no" if you don't ask. So, don't ever be afraid to ask for what you want.

If you're short on time, what is your go-to healthy meal? 

Murray: Apple, peanut butter, and string cheese— it's been my go-to since I was a freshman in college!

What's your workout of choice? 

Murray: Hot yoga all the way because it helps me stay focused and manage stress. 

What's your favorite self-care treatment?

Murray: Hands down, a 90-minute deep tissue massage—especially if it's a good Thai massage. Then there's nothing better than a hot bath, candles, sheet mask, and a glass of red wine at home. 

When did you look at yourself and say, "I've made it"? What was the moment you considered your big break? 

Murray:  I never want to think "I've made it" because I always want to continue growing and striving for more. It's a danger zone in my field once you think you've made it, and I will say though that when Wendy Williams told me I was really good right after a live segment, I smiled for about a week, and I love to go back to moments like that when I have any doubts.

What's your most significant learning experience thus far in business?

Murray: There are too many to count, but the biggest lesson I want to share is getting everything in writing. ​​I’m also a firm believer in listening to your gut and trusting your intuition. If working with someone doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t matter how much money is on the table—walk away if it doesn’t align with your beliefs. You’ll sleep better at night, and you can’t put a price on living and working in your truth.

What sets your career apart within your chosen industry? What do you want your legacy to be? 

Murray: I always want to be remembered as a force to be reckoned with, kind to everyone, strong, fearless, and someone people can count on to not only get the job done but to also do so with grace, style, and a sense of humor. Life is short, so love what you do and do what you love!