Take a Note: Meet Merde No2 Co-Founder—Amber Farr

"What was your big break?" It's the number one question people want entrepreneurs to answer. So, we're back with another edition of Take a Note, where we speak to leading professionals, industry experts, and successful women to get the truth about what it takes to have it all—your way

Amber Farr started her career in fashion and design but soon knew that she was the change the beauty industry needed. Alongside a friend, she set out to instill confidence in people everywhere while making sure to take care of the planet in the process, the result—MERDE No 2, a locally-sourced line of fragrant bathroom sprays.

“I believe in life, there are no mistakes, just stepping stones to the next chapter.”

Here, she tells us more about making her way in a competitive industry and trusting yourself to get it all done, no matter how daunting the list. 

What's one thing you do before bed to make sure your morning is more productive? 

Amber Farr: Snuggle my boyfriend to start the day with love. 

Why is perfume important to you? 

Farr: Since I was little, my dad created moods—in the house, at his concerts, and more. So to me, scent, lighting, and all of those things that tickle the senses are huge. Most importantly, smells can change a mood.

Women wear many roles—when those roles are pitted against one another, how do you prioritize what wins?

Farr:   If I had a crisis at work, my kids came with me and would watch and sometimes help. As a single mother, you just get it done—all of it. Looking back, I sometimes wonder how. 

What's the wisest advice you'd give to someone trying to break into your field?  

Farr: It's strange, but I never got a lot of advice which is why I give it. My boyfriend taught me it's not what you earn but what you keep. Creatives tend to pay little attention to tax write-offs and things that could monetize into income. 

If you're short on time, what is your go-to healthy meal? 

Farr:  Always a salad! People crave junk food, and I crave a really good salad because it fuels my mind and body. 

What's your workout of choice? 

Farr: Oh wow, I love it all. Pilates, gym training, hike, and long walks with friends—on repeat.

What's your favorite self-care treatment?

Farr:  I am a big fan of self-care. I love a facial by L'inara in Beverly Hills or a lymphatic massage. It's how I wind down. 

When did you look at yourself and say, "I've made it"? What was the moment you considered your big break? 

Farr:  I always felt like an imposter. No training. No skill set. Just the need to make people feel good. 

What's your most significant learning experience thus far in business?

Farr:   Oh well, that would be covid. I got hit pretty hard and had been feeling pretty depleted, so I took it as an opportunity to slow it down. For me, if you aren't waking up with a passion for what you are doing, it's time to move on.

What sets your career apart within your chosen industry? What do you want your legacy to be? 

Farr: My career never defined me. I guess what set me apart is I did it with nothing. I was in my garage with no training, and I had styled and owned a store, so I knew fit, but that was it. I believe in life, there are no mistakes, just stepping stones to the next chapter.