Take a Note: Meet Medical Esthetician—Tiffany Turnham

"What was your big break?" It's the number one question people want entrepreneurs to answer. So, we're back with another edition of Take a Note, where we speak to leading professionals, industry experts, and successful women to get the truth about what it takes to have it all—your way

Tiffany Turnham's name is recognizable from her namesake skincare brand, her work with cutting-edge dermatologists and plastic surgeons, and, of course, for the glow from the faces of men, women, and teens that Tiffany has been helping for over 20 years as a medical esthetician.

She launched her brand in 2001, and her attention to detail, careful curation of routines, and transformative treatments solidified her as a go-to expert. 

Here, she tells us more about making the cut in a competitive industry and how to listen to your skin. 

What's one thing you do before bed to make sure your morning is more productive? 

Tiffany Turnham: Before bed, I love to lay out my entire outfit, including clothes, shoes, and jewelry, for the next day to set my day for success. 

Why is perfume important to you? 

Turnham: I love perfume because it makes you feel beautiful!

Women wear many roles—when those roles are pitted against one another, how do you prioritize what wins?

 Turnham: I have to prioritize what I need emotionally first, which allows me to feel whole before moving into the other roles I have to fill. 

What's the wisest advice you'd give to someone trying to break into your field?  

Turnham: For anyone trying to break into the esthetics field, I would say start slow, learn as much as you can each step of the way, and remember, you can't rush success. 

If you're short on time, what is your go-to healthy meal? 

Turnham: I rely on avocado toast for a quick and brain-power fueling meal because I can make it in less than five minutes. 

What's your workout of choice? 

Turnham: My favorite way to move my body is through pilates.

What's your favorite self-care treatment?

Turnham: My favorite self-care treatment is an Ultimate Oxygen Facial at Tiffany Turnham Beauty, of course!


When did you look at yourself and say, "I've made it"? What was the moment you considered your big break? 

Turnham: I felt like I'd made it when I could step away from the business and watch it run itself. I don't feel like I had a "big break" as much as I had slow, steady growth. I could see by who was coming in to see me that I had what they needed. To me, that meant I had made it. 

What's your most significant learning experience thus far in business?

Turnham: My most significant business learning was trying to grow too fast. It taught me to slow down and focus on one goal at a time because that's how you can measure your growth. 

What sets your career apart within your chosen industry? What do you want your legacy to be? 

Turnham: The combination of my degree in Nutritional Science and license in Paramedical Esthetics is unique in its skillset. That mixture allows me to heal your inner self and outer body at the same time. I want my legacy to be that every person I came in contact with felt better about themselves after seeing me.