Take a Note: Meet the Founders of Celuí—Veronica Hu and Nicole Townend

If you are obsessed with fragrances like us, then chances are your vanity features the intoxicating signature scent from Celuí. Veronica Hu and Nicole Townend are the brains behind the brand, a.k.a—the co-founders (who you wish were your BFFs). Each naturally bringing in their expertise—Nicole had previously launched a successful children's brand, Teddy Needs A Bath and starred on ABC's Shark Tank—where she accepted a deal with coveted shark Mark Cuban. At the same time, Veronica spent her time in Beverly Hills as a sought-after beauty authority and aesthetician.

They founded the company in 2020 after years of research, development, and over nine formulations—carefully curated by a master perfumer in Los Angeles. They launched their cruelty-free line with a unique philosophy of creating the most refined fragrances housed in sustainable packaging—all inspired by their love for travel, adventure, and nature. Their line includes their signature scent in various sizes and a candle—all formulated without toxic chemicals like BHT, parabens, and phthalates.

Keep scrolling to hear how Hu and Townend navigate life as female founders, entrepreneurs and mothers as we learn more about what it takes to live a day in their world. 

"This is why we're in business together—quality products that we create because we actually want them for ourselves."

What's one thing you do before bed to make sure your morning is more productive? 

Nicole Townend: Veronica and I are both obsessed with our agendas! We find that physically writing things down helps us be more productive.

Why is perfume important to you? 

Veronica Hu: Fragrances I have worn throughout my life are like memories, so when I smell familiar scents, it transports me to fun times and great memories.

Townend: Don't forget smelling great is JUST as important as looking great!

Women wear many roles—when those roles are pitted against one another, how do you prioritize what wins?

Townend: Mom always wins! I remind myself of that all the time because at the end of my life—that's what willl make me the proudest. 

Hu: Exactly, I'm the same, and I always try to prioritize my family and my kids, so I make sure we make time for each other and sit down to dinner together every single day. It can be hectic, but I wouldn't want it any other way. 

What's the wisest advice you'd give to someone trying to break into your field?  

Townend: Reach out to people with experience in the field and team up like we did! Don't be too easily discouraged because there will be days where you have to keep going! 

Hu: Write your goals down to help keep you on track and believe in yourself and what you have to share with the world. 

If you're short on time, what is your go-to healthy meal? 

Townend: A green smoothie or oatmeal because it's healthy and filling.

Hu: I love to grab a prepared meal from Macro Plate because I feel like I'm dining out but still eating something healthy and delicious. 

What’s your workout of choice? 

Townend: Weight training, pilates, and Peloton, of course! 

Hu: I love working out with my personal trainer, Cameron Harn, and I also love playing tennis, walking, or anything outside.

What’s your favorite self-care treatment?

Hu: I'm obsessed with Tiffany Turnham Beauty Spa and the Ultimate Oxygen light facial—it's a game-changer for busy women. 

Townend: Both of us never say no to a facial. 

When did you look at yourself and say, "I've made it"? What was the moment you considered your big break?

Townend: We're still looking forward to our big break! That's what makes startups so fun, but I know one thing—I can't wait to experience that with Veronica, the best partner in business I've ever had!

What’s your most significant learning experience thus far in business?

Townend: The biggest learning experience for us has been trusting too easily. But, it's taught us to do our due diligence because it's SO important. Unfortunately, there are people out there who will do anything for money.

What sets your career apart within your chosen industry? What do you want your legacy to be? 

Hu: That we're female-owned and created a company that prioritizes quality at every step. We know what we want in a fragrance and created this incredible scent without toxic ingredients.

Townend:  This is why we're in business together—quality products that we create because we actually want them for ourselves.